All Googlied Out at the Way Out

Posted on Apr 5, 2009 in Googly Eyes on People, Rockin Googlies

I just got back from the Way Out Club and had a smashing time as always.  I got an AWESOME collection of googlies from this evening and I’ll be gradually showing you all some of them over the next week or so.  Many thanks to the Way Out Club staff for not throwing me out of the joint for putting googly eyes on everything, including the patrons and the performing band.

Here’s some quick shots of the evening:

This shot is from a tattoo from Donna, who graciously offered her back for the art of googly.


Here’s a shot of Jennifer looking resplendid in a googly fashion.


Here’s another one.   I need to get more shots of pretty girls like her in googly eyes.


From the band B&E, here’s Mark looking at the world through new eyes.


And here’s Brendan, the front man for the group who can wail some awesome wails.


Rock on, Brendan.  ROCK ON!!!  Thanks for the great show and for being a good sport with the googly eyes.


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